Board games of strategy

31 October 2004

What's new here: the link to a brand new LoA program.

I like how far strategies may get from the rules, the way unexpected patterns are born from simple cellular automata or the way life gets far from elementary physics. There is even some connection with society when we introduce more than two players.

I play many board games at Richard Rognlie's voluntary server. I also enjoy chess variants and contributed to João Pedro Neto's Hitchhiker's Guide to Chess. Part II is almost written.

So far I've written some computer opponents for

Follow the links to get the source codes. The Lines of Action is the last I wrote, it is best if you are looking for a C++ example of an Alpha-Beta search with killer moves and a transposition table. I am also thinking of other games, including Hexbo, Connectris and some Chess variants.

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