28 May 2005

Here is a Lines of Action playing program, now version 2.0, 28 May 2005:

  • the c++ source code
  • a windows executable

    Change since April Version 1.0: Improved interface, time control. It doesn't play any better.

    I presented the initial idea behind the evaluation function on the forum of this LoA site.

    It focuses on connecting and standing amidst the opponent's stones, without special emphasis on captures. It's not the best AI, but I like its geometric style, and it now beats the public versions of MIA III+ and Mona at 5 seconds per move on a 2.26 GHz computer. It is close to the public version of YL and is far behind MIA IV's divine play though!

    Inspiring links:

    Thanks to the LoA players whose style, insightful discussions or presence marked me : Ragnar Wikman, Fred Kok, Philip Cohen, Hartmut Thordsen, Dave Dyer, Darse Billings, Mona, Kerry Handscomb, Uli Vogel, Jorge Gómez Arrausi, Koichi Nicholas, Josep Mª Molins. And there are others. I'll come to you.

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